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Topic review - Just started playing
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  Post subject:  Re: Just started playing  Reply with quote
Since the server merge I have extremely much problems with lag and crashing, so I hardly play at this moment.
Besides, I play on Kaiser server.

Do the first training battles, and then go to Great Battles as soon as you can.
In Great Battles just stay behind the lines of BB's, you can't sink any ships now (well, ok, if your good at it maybe a ship the same size as yours).
If the battle turns but for your team, find an enemy BB and attack him from a little distance.
Manouvre a lot while doing this, this increases your chances of survival.
When you attack ships that are higher up the shiptree then yours (and from FF to BB is quite a distance) you get more exp.
Then you'll reach the better ships sooner.

It is mostly recommended to first go for BB, all nations have their advantages and disadvantages.
Chooce a nation that suites you best.
In my opinion the greater range of the Kriegsmarine guns is a good advantage, I can attack Lion II's, Montana's, Super Yamato's and other BB5's while being only just in range for them, as my guns have the same range as theirs, but I have BB4, while they have BB5.
The first BB's will be disappointing, they can't do much more then a CA, so it will still be keeping behind your own lines.
The trick for being able to hit anything with a low lvl BB is to make speed, fire when in range, turn, and get out of their range.

Greetings Josse
Post Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:53 am
  Post subject:  Re: Just started playing  Reply with quote
I can only suggest that you take a good read at the various guides posted on the NF forums - both the Tips & Tactics section and the respective national forums. A lot of good info to read (and understand!)
Post Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:44 pm
  Post subject:  Just started playing  Reply with quote
hey guys i see that this area of the forums have not seen much activity for a good while so here we go. seems like there has been some changes to the game since there is only 2 servers now one being Nebraska (Iowa+Yamato servers) and Kaiser (Bismarck+Nelson severs). and there is 2 new nations to play France (don't know when they were released) and USSR (i think they came out last month i believe) and soon they will release Italy as a playable nation sometime. I just started last night and i have no clue what to do lol. if anyone on here still plays and would like to show me the ropes so to speak that would be awesome. My user name is Raijineral and i play on Nebraska server. and my Ships name is USS Face Fist i know its a silly name for thee very first ship you get haha. anyways hope to hear from you guys sometime would be cool to get together and play. take care everyone.
Post Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:18 pm

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