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Topic review - 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) + Eduard & Pontos
Author Message
  Post subject:  1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) + Eduard & Pontos  Reply with quote
:destroyer: 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) + Eduard & Pontos :destroyer:

Aye aye, captains!

Kind words
First of all thank you all for finding time to share your experience in this amazing forum. :thumbs_up_1: Its really great for inspiration, finding useful informations or just admiring some really impressive work of very skilled people!


First of all, i never did any plastic model in my life and will definitely NOT make any more after thisone. Reason why i decided to pour money and time into it is just to pay a tribute to great times i had in ww2 navy mmo called "NAVYFIELD" almost 20 years ago where i spent about 5 years of active playing, specifically my most favorite ship... the mighty... oh common you already know which one :eyebrows: This game made me fall in love with majestic ww2 warships keeping me researching more and more historical informations about battles, tactics and while i consider myself a very casual fan its still a strong passion in my eyes. I do 2D and 3D graphic in my free time so work with materials/lights/models even tho made from polygons may come very useful. Oh and i really do care about details which imho is the highlight of models so i will do my best to achieve my high expectations. I am not looking for quick build and i definitely dont want generic looking model in the end. I have patience on my side along great creativity so hopefully that will be enough to fight lack of experience in plastic ship modeling. I will try to make this somehow helpful for anyone else trying to build with same or similar parts as i do, but will mostly post as "interesting while scrolling" without any boring tutorials. Enjoy your stay captains !

What model and accessories

Ship - 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya)

Photoetche - "Eduard" + "Pontos" + some additional (will list properly later)

Wooden deck - lightly placed "Pit-Road" and thinking about already bought "Pontos" one

Brass parts - "Aber" and "Pontos"

Resin parts - "Pontos"

Sailors figurines - "1/350 US NAVY figures in working positions set 2" from NorthStarModels

rest - will list later

Plans with build

No particular order...
    Drill all windows
    Assemble with all accessories
    Base paint
    Custom camo (preferably the one from NF)
    Additional details and assets (will explain later)
    Fiber Optic LED Lights (will explain later)
    Custom stand with my NF sunk ship scores
    Smoke effects (just hidden plastic tube to smokestack, will use vape)

Status of build
All plastic parts cut, all windows drilled, most of hull and upper deck with base color, wooden deck placed, hundred of photoetche painted and assembled or placed, some easy not obscuring deck parts glued on place already

Some older "family" foto... (probably will have keep scaling photos even more down for enjoyable browsing)

please stay tuned... i have around 400 more photos ready but would like to assemble/post them in order which will make sense... thank you !
Post Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:28 pm

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