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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:11 am 

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stripe at least 11 November 1929. This is one of the earliest known photos of Saratoga with her distinctive funnel stripe.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:29 pm 

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Don Grasmick wrote:
Greeting my friends, I have a tech question on the pre-war 1936 Saratoga. I have the Warship pictorial #11 (Lex class) but its not being specific enough in answering two questions for me. I was humbly hoping you all could help.

1. What year was the vertical black stripe painted on Sara? I'm doing her in 36' guise and cannot seem to find the answer.

Hey Don,
Sara received her funnel Stripe between April 20-May 3, 1929, after the carrier's return from Fleet Problem IX, when she was taken over command by Capt. Horne while at Long Beach, CA. By your time frame of '36 the vertical was her 'sight-sake' i.d., and she had lost her forward and aft turret top Stripes by mid-'36. Also, if You're thinking about that time frame, She was carrying her first 'E' painted on the funnel Stripe by late '36 that the carrier received in July. And she was carrying the two single pedestals .50-calibers MGs on the Number 2 turret platform by '36, but still retained the single pedestal twin-.50s on the No.3 aft turret.
Good Luck and HTH,

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:29 pm 
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I have recently, over the past year and then just now with the Petrel scouring the Lex wreckage, come into formerly unknown information about my dad. He died in the conflict when I was only a few months old so I never got to see or know him. Mom told me he had been on the Lexington and then shot down and killed and nothing else. I thought he had been shot down in the Battle of the Coral Sea but such is not the case. He survived the Lex sinking, was picked up by the Dobbin, a support ship, ans was later transferred to the Sara which is what brings me here. I got a lot of info from someone who had commented on the TBDs from the Lex and thought my dad could have flown in one of them, he was a gunner, and sure enough he did, actually two of them so that was cool. I learned of his journey on the Sara and how he was shot down, captured, and shot trying to escape. So while building my Lex I was researching the planes he flew in and the ship he finished the war in which brings me here. I picked up a Squadron at Sea copy of the Sara at a reduced price on Amazon, and was thinking of getting the Fry book, Saratoga cvIII an illustrated history. The price was a little more than I wanted to spend so checked with the local library. They didn't have a copy but did get one on an inter-library loan so I got to see and read it. I was disappointed. I had seen all the photos in it but it was the writing that threw me off. It seemed logically organized, each chapter dealing with the captains in order of their service. But when reading each chapter he seemed to be all over the place instead of the sequence with that particular captain.

I know others here will have that book and wondered if anyone else had experienced it as I did or is it just me?


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:25 pm 

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It's an important book but not a perfect one. It felt to me like Fry was taking many sources and melding them together, but not always in good, flowing ways. But I know of no other book that covers her historical narrative quite as well.

I'm glad to hear you've learned more about your Dad, as painful as it might be.

Tracy White -Researcher@Large

"Let the evidence guide the research. Do not have a preconceived agenda which will only distort the result."
-Barbara Tuchman

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