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PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:01 pm 
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Considering this announcement:

"Navy Will Extend All DDGs to a 45-Year Service Life; ‘No Destroyer Left Behind’ Officials Say"

More whiffery is inspired.

While this states they are focusing on HME modifications and are not considering combat system upgrades beyond what is already planned at this time, that does not make an interesting model, so lets do the combat systems modifications for them, because we are a generous sort.

This means Burke herself is only at mid-life.

So, what, in the opinion of our infinite and unassailable armchair expertise, should we do with them?

First, I'd like to see all flights receive a full (2x4 for 8 missiles) ASM fit, be that Harpoon, NSM, or LRASM. Helps support distributed lethality.

I think it goes without saying that the Mk45 should be upgraded to latest standard, and any ship still lacking ESSM capability should have it added.

I'd like to see better punch against small craft close in, and I am currently liking the OTO Melara Forty Light, which provides punch, programable ammunition, the option for local or centralized control, and is non-deck penetrating and weighs about 2 tons. Provide power and connectivity to the WDS, and poof. ... -2015.html ... er-idx15d2

On the FLT IIA it looks to me like just above the hangar doors P/S of the after turbine generator exhaust provides an open space with good firing arcs. If the weight from OTO is correct (under 1900kg empty) it will be lighter than the Mk 15 CIWS when loaded, and a third mount forward where the legacy Mk 15 have been would give 360 degree coverage with most of that being able to have two weapons in arc at a given time.

On the FLT I and II, the forward CIWS mount could switch to the 40mm, with an additional 40mm located aft where available. Two aft on these ships would require the movement of some existing items and/or the extension of the main deck aft to the distance of the Helo Control Station..

Would a small hangar (a shack, really...) for an MQ-8B be possible to fit forward of the flight deck on the FLT I/II? My only trip on a Burke was Benfold, it was a while ago, but I remember thinking that deck area forward of the flight deck before I went inside the skin of the ship would have been big enough to park a folded SH-60 there sideways. The hangar could accept the MQ-8B athwartships if helo deck clearance is a concern.

If a Drone Shack would fit without interfering with the flight deck (eyeball comparisons between my FLTI and IIA models suggest it would, and probably still leave more room than the FLT IIA flight deck has), that Drone Shack roof might be a good spot for an aft Forty Light.

The addition of an LPI radar (for instance, SCOUT Mk3) would enhance the usability of the 40mm mounts while still remaining low-detectable, as well as provide direction for the 40mm mounts to be used as CIWS in a linked system which is electromagnetically diverse from SPY-1. Would give a good second option for control of the 40mm mounts in high stress situations. ... k3-v01.pdf

The more I see the way politics are playing out, I feel we will have many 'close encounters' now and in the future where each side will wait for the other to blink while holding fire until the last possible minute due to rules of engagement. A 40mm CIWS system could help win that unfortunate encounter, and the more prepared you are form something, the less likely an opponent will try it. Make the decision by an opponent to get to close to our ships a final one.

The aft CIWS mount for all three versions is a great place fro SeaRAM, already mounted on a few.

We have many more years to get out of these ships, so the what-if world won't stop here fro quite some time...

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