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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 1:03 am 
The Registration Notice about the First Chinese Junk Model Exhibition Contest in China Maritime Museum

Our purpose of holding the first Chinese Junk Model Exhibition Contest in China Maritime Museum in 2017 is to “promoting the maritime culture and cultivating Chinese civilization”, inheriting the Chinese culture of junk ship and promoting the exchange of skills. We are now sincerely inviting you to sign up for this contest. Here are the following details:

1. The Name of the Activity
The First Chinese Junk Model Exhibition Contest in China Maritime Museum

2. Organizers
China Maritime Museum, Shanghai (organizer inside the museum: China Ship Model Research Center)

Supporters (provisional):
China Museum Association Maritime Museum Professional Committee;
China Maritime Association Maritime History and Culture Research Committee; 
China Shipbuilding Engineering Society Ship History Research Academic Committee; 
China Traditional Sailboat Preservation and Development Limited (Hong Kong).

3. The Exhibition and Evaluation Arrangements
Time: October to December in 2017(specific time will be noticed later).
Location: China Maritime Museum, 197 Shengang Avenue Pudong New Area Shanghai.

4. Timetable and Notification
4.1 From now on to 15 June 2017
Participants are required to submit application form for basic information (see appendix 1).
4.2 Before 30 June 2017
Participants are required to submit application form for selection (see appendix 2) and judging materials, to complete the whole registration material. It is not required to submit ship model in this stage.
4.3 From August 2017 to September 2017
To conduct professional selection for registered materials, sign up competing agreements and release award nominees.
4.4 From September 2017 to October 2017
As the organizer’s requirements, participating nominees would send their ship models to China Maritime Museum for exhibition arrangement.
4.5 From October 2017 to December 2017
To organize exhibition, perform selection, hold award ceremony and arrange other activities for participating ship models.

5. Contest Requirements
5.1 Applicants’ qualification
Relevant organizations (groups) and individuals (participant).
5.2 Ship models’ range
Chinese junk ship model (a ship model which is based on Chinese traditional wooden sailing ship and Chinese wooden ship)
5.3 Ship models’ type
Simulation and restoration model, including appearance model and structural model for ships.
5.3.1Simulation and restoration ship model:
A ship model which simulates its prototype in the shape, structure, craft, decorations and other aspects as far as possible and close to its exact historical period and technical development.
5.3.2 Appearance model for ships:
A ship model which only simulates the exact surface of the prototype as far as possible, such as shape and decorations, etc.
5.3.3 Structural model for ships:
Apart from prototype’s shape and decorations, a ship model which simulates the exact appearance of the prototype as far as possible. The ship model could reflect the corresponding structure and craft by opening the model’s windows and doors, covers or especially reserved openings during the construction.
5.3.4 This contest does not accept bottle built model or models which only present one part or equipment of the ship.
5.4 Ship model’s specification
In principal, participating ship model is required to be above 50cm and under 200 cm in length,
The proportion of Chinese junk ship model is suggested to be 1:10, 1:15, 1:20, 1:25, 1:40, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100. (This is only a suggestion for your reference, not a compulsive requirement)

6. Evaluation Rules
6.1 The main evaluation basis: ship model + drawing + other evaluation materials.
6.2 The core evaluation factors: authenticity, accuracy, explicitness and finesse (details followed)
6.3 The official evaluation rules will be released separately before the contest.
The Core Evaluation Factors
Judging Aspects
Judging Factors
Factors’ explanation
Evidence and research of ship history
With or without a drawing (design, mapping, textual drawing etc.)and the accuracy and reliability of the drawing.
Judging materials which are submitted by participants.
Apart from drawings, other textual researches which can prove the prototype’s shape, structure, craft and decorations can also be judged by its information, extent, reliability and accuracy.
The explanation of the prototype’s background, water environment, historical position, features and characteristic, components, function and application, etc.
Production and expression of ship model
The accuracy of the ship models in representing the prototype’s lines, size, function, structure, craft, painting and decorations.
The finished ship models which are submitted by participants.
The exquisite and detailed degree of the ship model in technology, skills and the sensory impression in its shape, color, smoothness and neatness.
Note: Some parts of the above judging factors are quoted from the Custom Ship Model Evaluation Criteria which is mainly drafted by the China Maritime Museum (see appendix 3).

7. Grouping and Awarding
7.1 Grouping
The division of participated ship models will be decided separately. This contest especially encourages ship models which are based on an archaeological shipwreck prototype. An “archaeological shipwreck model group” will be set up once there are sufficient participants.
7.2 Awarding
7.2.1 There are several first, second and third prizes with honorary certificates.
7.2.2 The contest will offer relevant rewards and subsidies, considering the actual situation of participated models.

8. Application Guidelines
8.1 Application method
8.1.1 The Application Form and the Application Form for Selection can be downloaded (The official website of the China Maritime Museum)
8.1.2 Please follow the China Maritime Museum WeChat official account and find relevant information.
8.2 Register material and notes
This contest’s relevant registration materials include the Application Form, the Application Form for Selection and corresponding judging materials. The applications materials should be submitted by two stages.
First stage: submitting the Application Form (see appendix 1).
1. The submit deadline is 15 /06/2017. Participants could change their application information before the deadline, but it is not allowed after that date.
2. Please submit electric copy or paper copy (based on the stamped date) after downloading and filling out the form.
Second stage: submitting The Application Form for Selection (see appendix 2) and corresponding judging materials.
1. The submit deadline is 30 /06/2017.
2. Please submit electric copy and paper copy (based on the stamped date) of the form and materials at the same time.
3. Please name the electric judging materials clearly based on the table numbers in appendix 2 (i.e., 1.1,2.1…),and send to after sorting out and packaging all files. All files can also be sent to QQ:673272897 in case of any large files.
4. Individual participants must sign off on the paper copies of the Application Form for Selection and organizational participants must stamp on papers. The paper copies of judging materials must be bound up based on the requirements and orders in the appendix. If there are any entity data such as photos and videos, etc., please identify them in numbers, seal up and send them together.
8.3 Contacts
8.3.1 Mailing address: Mr. Feng Tao, China Maritime Museum, 197 Shengang Avenue Pudong New Area Shanghai, 201306.
Please indicate that the application materials are sent for ship model contest.
Subject:Participants (Name or Organization) + application materials for ship model contest. Please enclose specific materials.
8.3.3 Contact methods for enquires
Consultation time:9:30―16:00(Monday to Friday)
Contact:Feng Tao、Shuping Luo
Fax:021-6828 2177 QQ:673272897

9. Fees
9.1 This contest does not charge fees for signing up.
9.2 Participants are responsible for other expenses such as transportation, accommodation, foods and models’ transportation etc.

10. Declaration
10.1 Participants must certify that all works (refer to all application materials and finished ship models) do not infringe any intellectual property rights and any other legitimate rights of others. If the infringement occurs, the organizer has the right to cancel the participant’s eligibility, and the legal liability is at his/her own expense.  The relevant loss of organizer (including host and supports as below) should also be compensated by the liable participants.
10.2 Participants may not submit entries to other similar competitions or events during the competition (after submitting the application information and before the contest is over). The entry must not be used for any commercial use or other commercial purposes without the authorization of the organizers.
10.3 All submitted materials (not including the finished ship models) are not refundable, and please keep a copy for your reference. Once the participants have signed up, they are deemed to agree on that the host of the contest has rights to use and publish graphic and image data which are took from all submitted materials and finished ship models during the contest, on demand of promotion and follow up publishing. 
10.4 All participants shall be deemed to agree on that the organizers shall have the right to purchase the finished ship models. The organizers will negotiate the price and sign up the acquisition agreements with participants before the selection, if they are interested in the acquisition of the finished ship models. Once an acquisition is completed, the acquiring party shall have the right to the ownership and usage of ship models, while the acquired party shall have the right to authorship. 

11. The host of this contest reserves the right to final interpretation of all regulations of the contest and all participants shall be deemed to agree with and abide by this contest’s entire regulations.
12. Issues not included herein shall be notified later.

Appendices: 1. The Application Form (Individual/Organizational)
2. Application Form for Selection
3. Custom Ship Model Evaluation Criteria

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